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ERC-20 SWTH#27


This is a fan favorite.

No, SWTH erc20 will not have more volumes than SWTH nep5. Reason - high network/gas fee for Ethereum compared to Neo network.

Yes, SWTH erc20 will give exposure to Ethereum community users and the segment of users who think Switcheo is somehow NEO only related.

SWTH erc20 might help in image building among non NEO community people. Let people who like paying high swap fees buy on Uniswap. Get SWTH on as many exchanges as possible through an erc20 SWTH.

People can choose and swap between nep5 or erc20 through the bridge and let them trade whatever SWTH variant they want whether on Switcheo, Demex or Uniswap.

And Captain if you are feeling excited, create a SWTH variant for Zil (zrc20) and BSC (bep20) also. Thank me later 😉

8 months ago

Creating an ERC20 token didn’t help NEX.
Yes, price went up at first, but it didn’t last more than a couple of weeks.
I’ve checked today and the volume for NEX is higher on Switcheo (NEP5) than on Uniswap (ERC20).

8 months ago
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